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Trivix.com, is the premier online trivia destination, offering free interactive single and multi-player games. Trivix.com features daily games around topics such as General Wisdom, Music, Entertainment, Sports, History and Music.

The Trivix.com site is powered by our proprietary Trivia game platform and API. The game platform converts content into a highly organized, standard, unified format, which can be queried, sorted and edited through a RESTfull JSON API.

About Trivia Group

For over 15 years, Trivia Group has provided premium trivia content and games to many leading entertainment companies, websites and mobile apps. Our question database contains over 200,000 questions, with 150,000+ edited and fact checked for use in competitive trivia competitions.

We also provide fun facts, quotes, jokes & birthdays etc. for licensing. Our highly organized database allows us to search for any specific type of question content and topics. We have provided question and quiz content to many top online destinations such as Worldwinner.com, Excite.com and Myway.com. We are frequently updating our database with fresh and relevant content across many topics from history to pop-culture and recent events.

Trivia Group also provides co-branded trivia game engines with revenue share opportunities as well as complete custom game and contest solutions.

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